Online Education

We offer one-on-one tutoring at the comfort of your own home.

Whether your student is feeling stuck in a subject, or looking to get ahead of the curve, Apex Prep can help. Our highly qualified and experienced instructors come from top-ranked universities and are passionate about ensuring the success of our students.

We specialize in

  • SAT I: Math, Reading, Writing & Language, Essay
  • SAT II: Biology, Chemistry, Literature, Math IIC
  • ACT: Math, Reading, English, Science, Essay
  • Biology (AP, Honors, Regular)
  • Chemistry (AP, Honors, Regular)
  • AP Calculus (AB, BC)
  • Trigonometry/Math Analysis
  • Algebra II (Honors, Regular)
  • English (Honors, AP, IB, Regular)
  • Book Club (Reading Comprehension)

  • We offer group lessons as well as flexible one-on-one tutoring through Zoom. Sign up today!

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